Wagering money on an event though the outcome is not certain with the intent of gaining more money is known as Gambling, in other words the game of chance. The results of gambling become evident in a short period of time. When the term gaming is used in relation to gambling it means legal gambling. Gambling is quite common in many countries, either legally or illegally, but no country is exempt from it. Some states or countries forbid gambling, and in some it is legally allowed, such as Monaco or Macau. The city of Las Vegas is perhaps the biggest and most famous place for gambling and betting and people make it a point to visit it to play the games of chance. Casinos and clubs are now very common in almost every country, again some lawful and some under cover. While the Australians are renowned for their love of sports gambling, the Chinese take the prize for being the most passionate about gambling clubs and casinos.

Types of Gambling:

There are several variations of Gambling, and most of the casinos offer all the types and variations, although some clubs are exclusively for poker or for betting, or Bridge etc. The first type is the Casino Games, played both for fun and for money; there are the table games and the electronic games. The table games are Baccarat, roulette and black jack, while the electronic games range from slot machines to video Poker. Then there is the non casino gambling, which include scratch cards, lotteries, bingo Mahjong. Dice based games, poker, bridge, coin tossing and confidence tricks. Finally there is the fixed odd betting, which is usually used for betting on outcomes of sporting events and political elections. This type of gambling is also referred to as pari-mutuel betting. Pari-mutuel betting is more often than not related to horse racing or greyhound racing.

Sports betting have become the most common form of betting all around the world. Sports are a very important part of our daily lives, to play or to watch, and betting on the outcome is a favored past time by people of all nations. Sportsmen from all around the world generally compete either individually or in teams, in international sporting events, and the results of these events are eagerly awaited by the people of the respective countries. China has a great love for Gambling, and they appease it by betting on these events excessively.

Chinese Gambling:

Chinese are and have always been hard working people, rising to the status of super power with in a short period of time on their will and determination, but the Chinese are also fond of money, and this instinct is fed by the many casinos opened in the country. Macau is the basis of Chinese gambling now, which also has the western types of gambling variations too. Chinese have become so abundant in the city of Las Vegas that every third person you see there happens to be Chinese. The most famous gambling game for the Chinese is the Mahjong, which keeps many people busy even at home. More than one third of the Chinese population has bought lottery tickets, and most every Chinese enjoys gambling on the weekends. The Chinese have a very strong penchant for gambling, most of them like kids, obsessed with winning at any cost, even if it makes them paupers. The interest in lottery tickets is phenomenal; the TV shows that are related to lottery tickets receive the highest ratings in China. Chinese have often been referred to as the biggest gamblers of the world, maybe due to the fact that they had spent centuries under imperial rule, and now want to become super rich overnight.

Furthermore Chinese, who are basically a very superstitious lot, include gambling in it too. It’s a main belief that wearing Red underwear when going to a Casino generates good luck, and picking the right numbers can affect a person’s fortune. They usually have gambling do and don’ts some of which are; not to tell others to read Books while gambling because the Chinese words for books and lose sound similar. No counting of money either gained or lost while gambling, totally avoid meeting or seeing Nun or Monks before going to a Casino. Not to enter the Casino from the main entrance etc. The Dos would be wear read underwear, switch on all lights of ones house before going to gamble, check into hotel room with the numbers 18 and 8 or 13 and so on.

Chinese Internet Casinos have become very common now, as the Chinese are interested in gambling to the extent that they have become obsessive about it, they make it a point to make it as enjoyable for the others, whether live or online. Mahjong and Keno are the main Chinese games. Online is a bingo and lottery game, and very easy to learn because of its straight forward rules. There are 80 numbers on the chart and a person has to think of one and bet on it. People from all around the world enjoy Chinese Gambling, especially as it is made easy to access on line. It is a strange fact that to the extent that Chinese love the games of chance, they are banned in the mainland china, only Macau has the legal jurisdiction for Gambling. The reason is that the Chinese government was concerned of the fact that most of the Chinese were making it a habit to spend there money on gambling. In short Chinese love Gambling and now the online sites have given them an added opportunity to appease their desire for betting and lottery tickets etc

Even in Australia the casinos enjoy a majority of Chinese patrons, but the online betting revolution is rapidly changing all that. Instead of going through the ritual of getting to the casino, all Australians can enjoy the casino games online. There are comprehensive tutorials on how to play the games, the best odds and a wide range of live gambling opportunities to keep even the most avid gambling fans happy.